Opportunities Through Athletics, inc. (Oi) is always on the lookout for new scouts. If you are passionate about athletics and have always wanted a career in sports, Oi may be just what you're looking for.

Oi is a recruitment services company that assists high school student-athletes and their families with the college recruiting process. Through evaluation, guidance and exposure, we help insure that these talented young people have the best opportunity to pursue their academic and athletic goals.

Oi scouts evaluate student-athletes, and help educate them and their families about the demands of college recruiting. Our scouts are responsible for attending games, tournaments, camps and clinics.

They track the progress of student-athletes through media coverage and consultations with families and coaching staffs. They meet with high school student-athletes and their parents to help them clarify academic and athletic requirements at the collegiate level.

Our scouts also have the opportunity to interact with colleges, the business community and civic organizations.

The successful Oi scout brings to the job the same tools a student-athlete brings to a sport - drive, determination, discipline and commitment. If you are a former student-athlete or coach, then you know how important those qualities are to succeed in athletics - and at life.

Oi is a growing company with a firm vision of its future. Our scouts have the opportunity to advance into many different facets of the business. Opportunities such as management, career placement, seminars and motivational speaking highlight a few. Most importantly, they have the opportunity to grow and be rewarded for their contributions with us.

Our success is based on the success of each individual within our organization. As Oi achieves its goals, our people can achieve their professional and financial goals, too.

Oi scouts have the opportunity to pursue an immensely rewarding career. They work directly with bright, dedicated young men and women who will be the leaders of the 21st Century. In that sense, scouting for Oi isn't really a job at all. It's an opportunity to shape the future.