Critical Recruiting Information

At Oi, we see the recruiting process as a means to an end. The ultimate goal of the high school student-athlete should be obtaining a quality education and earning a college degree.

Participating in sports at the college level offers a wide variety of opportunities: competing for national championships, appearing on television, building a reputation as a competitor, and a chance to pursue a career as a professional athlete. It also offers some very attractive perks: special housing and meals, academic and financial assistance, a certain amount of prestige on campus.

The ultimate goal of the high school student-athlete should be obtaining a quality education and earning a college degree.

College athletics should be viewed as a means to this end. Along the way, varsity competition can provide the student-athlete with tools that will prove invaluable to life after graduation - discipline, drive, commitment and a network of personal contacts. The first step toward the ultimate goal is taken during the recruiting process. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

If it sounds like the odds are stacked against you, you're right. Only the elite few high school student-athletes will ever pursue a career in professional sports. That's why Oi puts its emphasis on securing the student-athlete opportunities for earning a college degree and preparing for life outside of sports. That allows us to focus on options beyond the traditional model of college athletics. For example:

Oi can tip the odds of college recruitment in your favor. But we can't do it all. There are three components for a successful recruiting campaign - good grades, athletic skill and exposure. It's up to the student-athlete to take care of the first two. If you have the desire and the commitment, then Oi can help you expand your horizons of educational opportunity and help open up a new world of possibilities.

Critical Recruiting Information

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