Even the most devoted and committed parent doesn't have the time or resources to research every college athletic program. Oi does.

Oi's reputation is its most important asset. The coaches know and trust us. Our credibility helps provide leverage for our clients. We have the resources it takes to identify opportunities for student-athletes and give them the widest possible range of collegiate opportunities.

We've already done the research. We constantly update our contacts with coaches in all sports at all college and university levels. That means we know who's calling the shots, what they're looking for and how to get in touch with them. That allows us to provide a significantly larger number of options for a student-athlete.

Because we keep those lines of communication open, we can quickly and efficiently provide new and updated information to coaches across the country. We continually update the data they need - on grades, accomplishments, skill levels, etc. - to determine which student-athletes best fit into their respective programs. In the course of providing recruitment services for hundreds of student-athletes, we have built a reputation of trust and credibility within the coaching community.

It's a full-time job. That's why Oi has a full-time commitment to meeting the needs of high school student-athletes.

The college recruiting process can overwhelm a parent who has not experienced it before. Oi stands beside that parent, offering clear and concise information and guidance built upon experience.