"We cannot say enough about the positive impact your program and particularly your interest in [our daughter Ronda], as a young female athlete, has had on her performance this season . . . Her GPA has increased from 3.8 last year to 4.0 this year by taking honors courses. . . I believe she has taken her game to a new level since receiving numerous letters from colleges and universities all over the US. You have obviously been doing a great marketing job with her profile . . . We credit your program for 100% of the numerous Division I, II and III schools that have written letters of interest to Ronda this season . . . Again, thanks to your program we have been truly educated about the marketing and recruiting process. Through this education effort Ronda is more savvy about what she wants and how to make the best choices for her academic and athletic pursuits."

--Rodney and Mary Gullatte Sr.

"I wanted to express my appreciation for all of the work you evidently provided to Patrick for his college and athletic search. Although he has still not completed the process totally, we have been very encouraged by the response. I feel the response we received was only due to the intense campaign your company initiated on his behalf. I believe at last count Patrick had received information from around 50 colleges and universities. More important, he received handwritten comments and personal letters mentioning information which could have only been obtained . . . through your firm."

--Patsy Grainger

"I just wanted to drop this note on behalf of Meredith. When we signed up with you, she had only about eight colleges that had contacted her. After a week, she began receiving questionnaires from all over the southeast. As time passed, she began to get calls from coaches all over the country . . . I have to admit, it has been a wild ride and surpassed my wildest dreams. She now has an accordion file that is overfilled with catalogs and brochures from colleges throughout the United States. Meredith thanks you and we thank you for your support in our endeavor to find the 'right' college for her."

--Richard D. Cook

"Just a quick note to say how pleased we've been with you and Oi. Selecting a college is not only very intimidating but one of the most important decisions one can make. You've not only made it fun for us, but I truly appreciate your sensitivity to our teenager and the personal interest that you have taken in him. That means a great deal . . . You've answered questions, educated us about the process (especially NCAA eligibility), made us aware of what schools are looking for and taught our son how to take charge of the interview process, not to mention boosting his self-confidence . . . Perhaps the greatest assistance was the 50-60 athletic departments that notified us of their interest. This resulted in us considering schools that we previously had not considered . . . Your assistance has been invaluable and we'll be forever indebted."

-- Mike McMahan

"As parents, we all want the best for our children. For those of us who have gifted athletes, it is easy to find ourselves with visions of our children securing a scholarship and continuing their athletic endeavors at the college level. I am one of those parents. I did not have a clue how recruiting worked, particularly for a secondary sport like baseball. I spoke with a parent whose son had just received a scholarship to play baseball at Davidson. What he shared with me would ultimately provide the solution to a dream my son and I both had. The solution…Opportunities Through Athletics. I contacted Joey Philpot with Opportunities Through Athletics and requested a meeting. Joey made an impressive presentation, he showed us representative promotional pieces and described Opportunities Through Athletics' networking procedures with the colleges. I was so impressed, I signed up immediately for Opportunities Through Athletics' services. Time does not allow me to describe everything Opportunities Through Athletics does for your son or daughter. I will let them tell you what they will do. I promise you will be impressed. Ultimately, my son signed a scholarship with Belmont University, a Division I program in Nashville, during the early signing period. I will always be grateful for what Opportunities Through Athletics did for my son. They did everything they said they would do and more. They were candid and did not paint any pictures or visions of grandeur. I thought the fee was more than reasonable; I was prepared to pay twice as much. I have a 15-year old daughter and as soon as she turns 16, I will enlist the services of Opportunities Through Athletics. I hope this provides you with some insight about Opportunities Through Athletics. I share this letter with you because another parent was thoughtful enough to share similar information with me. Good Luck."

-- Kevin Tucker

"I just wanted to thank you personally for all your effort and time you have spent continually working with Jeremy. I appreciate your office taking the legwork and running with it. I wish you continued success with your company as I feel it has been a tremendous help to Jeremy. You have been sincerely dedicated to his future, and I wish you well. OPPORTUNITIES THROUGH ATHLETICS IS SINCERE AND DEDICATED!!!!!"

-- Mrs. Vickie L. Thomas

"We were very pleased with your services and feel that your resume and phone calls really positioned us well in the recruiting process. Johann received well over 100 letters and numerous phone calls from such baseball powerhouses as Miami University, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and UNC. Johann received numerous scholarship offers from Division II and III schools and was planning on accepting a partial baseball scholarship from William and Mary had he not been accepted to Harvard. Our only regret is that we didn't start with you and your organization sooner. We have recommended you to several families and would do so to anyone who is considering such a service."

-- F. Mackey Schneider

"This acknowledgment is long overdue, but we feel committed to let you know officially that we as a family appreciated the service you provided for us during the college search for our son. Your company provided us with the right questions to ask during the interview process. The profile for our son was very professional and impressive. Even though we did not select any of the colleges you sent information, we had calls from schools as far as Chicago who would not have known about our son otherwise. In addition, you gave our son personal encouragement and support. The relationship was beneficial, and we thank you."

-- Marjorie & Leo Randall

"I wanted to write to thank you for the assistance you provided to my son, Chris. As a result of your assistance with his recruitment, he recently signed a football scholarship with a Division I school. Chris attended a small private high school near Montgomery and although he set several state receiving records during his junior and senior years, we found colleges were not actively recruiting him. After Oi's involvement, Chris began receiving numerous recruiting calls. At the peak of the recruiting period, he was getting between 5 to 10 calls each night and this continued until he signed. Everyone who has seen Chris play football knew he could play at the next level, and Oi did an outstanding job providing the necessary exposure to college coaches which ultimately resulted in his athletic scholarship. Additionally, the recruitment advice provided was invaluable to Chris and my entire family throughout the entire recruiting process. If I can ever be of assistance or if you would like to use me as a reference, please feel free to do so. Again, thank you for everything you and your staff did for Chris."

-- W.S. NesSmith Lieutenant Colonel, US Army

"This letter is an endorsement of Oi based on our experience with them from this past school year. To make a long story short, for the price of signing with Oi, our daughter has received a $28,000 a year scholarship from a school that is ranked fifth in the nation in liberal arts (Haverford College in Penn.). This was not a school that we had even considered because of the expense. Through the Oi mailing and the resulting interest of the Haverford volleyball coach, our daughter applied, was accepted, and given a very good scholarship. Needless to say, we are pleased. The Oi mailings brought responses (letters and phone calls) from over 350 schools (we stopped counting), which was overwhelming. We went from our daughter not knowing what school she even wanted, to having to weed out and pick one. It was great to have options. The staff at Oi was very helpful and if they didn't know answers to my questions, they found out for me. There was no hard sale. We didn't make our final decision for a week and a half. Also, many of their staff have played sports in college and so have experience that they can share. We consider the scholarship a very good return on our investment. For our daughter, she considers it a great one."

-- Johnnie and Dawn Meyer

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