Even the logo we have chosen for Opportunities Through Athletics, inc. (Oi) expresses our mission and our commitment to the student-athlete. This simple symbol - "Oi" - represents our approach to the college recruitment process.

We begin with O. More than a letter, it is also a circle. Within that circle there lie more than 2000 colleges and universities that offer degrees and athletic opportunities.

The i also doubles as the number 1. Less than 1 percent of high school student-athletes are considered Blue Chip prospects. They get most of the attention from major college coaches and recruiters.

The other 99 percent, represented in our logo as the "dot" above the 1, can be overlooked in the recruitment process. They are symbolically outside the circle.

At Oi, we put you inside the circle, giving you the opportunity to pursue your athletic and academic goals on the way to a successful future. We know that the student-athlete gets just 1 chance to seize the opportunity to be recruited from high school to college. We also know that it only takes 1 college to make a perfect match for a student-athlete. Additionally, a student-athlete will only have 1 chance to compete as a college student-athlete in their life. That's why client service is our number 1 priority.

With Oi, your Odds of success are increased. That's why Oi is the number 1 choice for recruitment assistance.