It takes a special kind of person to coach high school sports. There's a lot more to the job than prowling the sidelines or blowing a whistle at practice. It takes a level of commitment most people can barely understand, much less appreciate.

Oi realizes the responsibilities that rest on coachs' and counselors' shoulders - the demands of competition, the endless hours of paperwork, the constant juggling of personal and professional commitments. Ultimately the student-athlete sees the coach and counselor as a mentor and role model.

Families come to depend on these individuals for guidance about developing a student-athlete's talents and preparing him or her to pursue academics and athletics after high school.

A high school coach typically is overworked and underpaid. Their hard work and contributions can last the entire lifetime of the student-athletes whose lives they touch. Their efforts simply do not receive the notoriety they deserve.

At Oi, we understand and want to pass along their hard work to another group of professionals that will appreciate their efforts with tremendous gratitude - college coaches.

Oi understands the responsibilities that high school guidance counselors face as they advise student-athletes about their futures. They are often overworked and have limited resources available to investigate all of the options open to the students they deal with on a daily basis.

Oi is here to help coaches, counselors, and student-athletes meet these demands. We know what college opportunities are available and can help educate student-athletes and their families about the best ways to maximize their options. We respect and want to enhance these dedicated individuals who devote their lives to helping high school students reach their full potential.

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