The Oi commitment to a student-athlete doesn't end when college begins. We follow our clients throughout their collegiate careers so that we can help them pursue their goals and dreams once they have earned their degrees.

CAPS, College Athletes Placement Service, is similar to our exposure program for high school student-athletes. The goals of both programs are the same - to put the student-athlete in a position to seize the future.

CAPS links the college graduate to a database of career opportunities. It expands the options available to student-athletes after graduation. Just as we help match the student-athlete to the right college, we can help match the college graduate to the right career.

We know what companies are looking for today. They want employees who are dedicated, resourceful, able to think and act quickly, work as part of a team and solve problems efficiently. In other words, they are seeking employees with precisely the kind of skills athletes need to compete successfully.

CAPS steers them to a pool of candidates who've already demonstrated they have what it takes to compete in the arena of business.