Each year, millions of student-athletes enter high school. Many of them have the athletic and academic ability to go on to rewarding collegiate careers. Only a small fraction of them ever do.

Most high school student-athletes and their parents don't have the time, resources or experience to explore and understand the wide variety of college options available to them. Many ultimately give up their dream or settle for the most convenient option.

Most college coaches and administrators don't have the time, resources or budgets to explore and understand the vast pool of high school student-athletes available for their programs.

Oi can make the connection between the student-athlete and the college coach. We have the time, resources and - most importantly - the experience to bring together a student-athlete with a college program that suits his or her talents and academic goals. We have the time, resources and - again - the experience to help the college coach expand the available recruitment pool.

Oi provides the student-athlete with information about the college recruiting process. We provide a channel of communication between the student-athlete and prospective college athletic programs. We provide the kind of exposure a student-athlete needs to have a variety of options for pursuing a college athletic career while obtaining a quality education.

College recruitment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the high school student-athlete. At Oi, we're committed to making it the experience of a lifetime.